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Crescent Valley Robotics is a fourteen year old FIRST Robotics team. With over 40 members, we are a club at Crescent Valley High School in Corvallis, Oregon. To spread the word about robotics, the team goes out into the community in various ways. From the Da Vinci Days Scrimmage to the Philomath Frolic, the students teach community members about the program. The team also goes to the local middle schools to encourage the students to join the team and attends elementary school science fairs. We also host a practice scrimmage before the real competition and invite local teams to join us in testing out our robots, as well as invite sponsors and community members.

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CV Robotics is a proud group of hardworking individuals here to answer any questions you might have. To get in touch with our team feel free to email us at

Bunny Bot 2015

Thanks to David So for the wonderful video showing off our fantastic preformance at 2015's Bunnybot competition. This year was a football-like game style. The goal was for your team to get as many footballs in the opponent's end-zone as possible. It was an interessting and exciting competition leading to many matches closely won by some. We won this years Bunny Bot due to the amazing work of our new members under the tutalage of the upperclassmen. This also posed as a wonderful oppurtunity to train our new freshman members.

Spring Newsletter 2016

Because of our wonderful HR and Business team, we developed our winter newsletter to help involve our community in our actions.

Team 955

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