Please give a tax deductible gift through the Corvallis School District online. Donations given through this method should specify CV Robotics on the online form.
Or, Write a check to "Corvallis Public Schools Foundation" with "CV Robotics" on the memo line. You can give it to Coach Tanya Carone along with a completed Donor Card form, for record keeping purposes.

It's not about the robot. The robotics program at Crescent Valley High School is about teamwork and building a family. It's about learning that hard work and long hours can lead to success. It's about learning that failure is part of pushing yourself to try new things and learn. It's about making sure that everyone contributes and feels valuable. The robot is just the vehicle.

Robotics goes beyond friendship - we're an extended family. We meet people with the same interests and we learn from each other - and it's fun. We learn how to pull it all together to build something REAL and compete in an awesome event. What's not to love about Robotics? -Aaron Celeste, Class of 2015

We are raising money to help support Team 955 in order to keep going strong as one of the most competitive teams in the Pacific Northwest Region. Being a competitive team helps create a better learning experience and generates higher motivation for all involved. Our team takes a businesslike approach to gaining sponsors, and running the team. Our a large mechanical team designs, builds, and tests the robot. Our business team works on marketing, competitive analysis, and the team’s website. This two-sided approach requires much time and energy from the mentors and students both, but proves to be worth it when we’re able to complete the business and mechanical aspect of the team in minimal time. Students in the business team quickly learn that the main element of a successful business is communication with your colleagues, so that you may collaborate and work together to solve issues, and complete tasks. This tried and tested method has proven itself time and time again, as almost every member who has been a part of our team, sees success in their future and enters a high-ranking college.

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We need your help. We have bright engaged students and dedicated community mentors. Financial support is crucial as costs for this program are high, from robot parts to competition entry fees to travel expenses, but school resources are limited.

Again, we would like to thank you for your support of CV Robotics, whether as a student on the team, a parent volunteer or mentor who helped support our students and get the robot built, or as a sponsor who helped fund the team in the past. Your donation this year - no matter what size - can make a difference. Please click on the donation button at right to make a tax deductible credit card or paypal donation or mail your check to "Corvallis Public Schools Foundation" earmarked "CV Robotics". As a team, we want to make it possible for students and our community to continue to reap the benefits of participation the the FIRST robotics program.


Our team uses Robotics to teach more skills than just the mechanical and computer programming that most people think about. We choose to run fundraisers as one of the key means to provide support for our team. We make this choice to allow students an opportunity to learn important business and interpersonal skills. Our fundraising partners are an important part of the success of our team and we acknowledge them through publicity on our team shirts, pit banners, and other methods. Aside from the benefit of our students gaining important skills, the team also receives other benefits, such as mentors from HP, in-kind donations from Winco Foods and Panera, and free software from Solidworks.

Flower baskets are sold yearly by students.

Spring Time flower basket sale

This is our biggest single source of funding. In late April and early May we go door to door selling tickets for a $25 flower basket from Davis Family farm. For each ticket sold, the team receives $10, and each student is required to sell 20 apiece. This gives the students an opportunity to work together, as most of them travel in groups around neighborhoods, looking to reach their individual goal.

Tasty pancakes with team spirit.

Pancake Breakfast

Generally done in late September or early October, the Pancake Breakfast is one of the larger fundraisers we do each year. The team borrows the Crescent Valley kitchen and produces pancakes on a large scale, to serve to patrons for the majority of the morning. All materials are donated by volunteers, generally parents, and the meal itself is cooked by the students. Students also advertise the event on 9th Street and Circle, and a few other locations to pull in customers. The large majority of the team attends, as well as works in some capacity during the event itself.

Car Wash

We usually do these in mid summer when the build season is over. Its a great time for the team to get back together and have fun in the hot Summer sun. The supplies are donated by parents and mentors of the team. The car wash operates on donations given by members of the community.

Dine out

Our team supports and works with local businesses through more than just taking donations. We arrange for specific dates with local restaurants for a dine out, a night where the team and the restaurant split proceeds and the team arranges for some more publicity for the restaurant. We post flyers throughout the school and in various places throughout Corvallis. Some of our most profitable and most common dine out partners are; McMenamins, Ruby Tuesdays, and Buffalo Wild Wings.


Oregon State Department of Education

Sponsors are a key component of our team, providing funds and supplies to support building the robot and other team activities. We send sponsors newsletters during the year to keep them up to date with our work, and show them the results of their support. We visit sponsors in person to build solid relationships and lasting partnerships, which in turn helps us with machining parts and getting donated materials. Sponsors are invited to all of our robotics scrimmages, outreach events, and competitions. They are also invited to come visit us during the build season to see us at work. In exchange for their donation, sponsors are also given different levels of recognition depending on the size of the donation. These recognition levels are explained in the donations section.


Public CADs

Need one of our CADs? No? Well okay here ya go!